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Why Use Residential Air Duct Cleaning

If you home have clean HVAC system, then your family will be benefitting from it from the point of view of hygiene. The air duct is the place when you HVAC system gathers mold, fungi, bacteria, and other contaminants that makes the air that you breathe inside your home impure. You will have poor air quality inside your home if you have dirty air ducts, and you family’s health can be adversely affected. You can improve the quality of the air that you breath inside you house by cleaning your air ducts.

Using a specialized vacuum for air duct cleaning will enable the air duct cleaning company to clean your air duct and HVAC system. With a certain device and the suction function of vacuum, contaminants will be removed from the air duct and sent into the vacuum.

Although the vacuum is very important in cleaning your air duct, there are many other devices that air duct cleaning services use. There is also a need to scrub the surface of the air duct system so as to push out the contaminants toward the vacuum and these devices include brushes, skipper balls, air whips, and other tools that agitate contaminants. To control microbial contamination, chemical sanitizers are applied to air duct surfaces which eliminates microbes. This is only applied after thorough cleaning of the aid duct.

It is microbes like bacteria, algae, mildew, and fungi that causes respiratory problems to people with allergies, small babies, and the elderly because they are the most sensitive to microbes. The reason why air duct cleaning services use effective sanitizers is to eliminate these microbes.

To collect the dust and dirt from air ducts, the air duct cleaning company will use either a truck or trailer mounted vacuum or a portable vacuum. Portable vacuums are less powerful than truck mounted ones. Portable vacuums can easily be placed very near the air ducts. Whatever type of vacuum is used by your air duct cleaning services, you can be sure that it is according to air duct industry standards. All vacuums are attached to a collection device so that they can be contained properly before disposal.

Regular cleaning of your air ducts is very important. Air ducts become dirty with many activities done in the home. Water damage in the home, pets that shed hair and dander, smoke from cigarettes, and others, cause our air duct to become dirty in time. Air duct cleaning is mostly important if there are allergies or asthma with members of your family.

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